Płyta Round Square of the Triangle dostępna w Ameryce

Dobre wieści z USA. Nasza płyta jest już do nabycia w sieci LaserCD i chyba przypadła do gustu sądząc z opisu:


Art of Illusion w sprzedaży w LaserEdge

Here’s an incredible release that came out of nowhere.  Art Of Illusion are a Polish prog metal band that push all the right buttons.  First off all of these guys have chops from hell.  Most notable is guitarist Filip Wisniewski who is nothing short of a revelation.  The album does feature vocals on some tracks but quite a lot of it is instrumental – perhaps a bit similar to the late, great Joseph Magazine.  Art Of Illusion takes the technicallity of a band like Dream Theater and mashes it up with some of the melodicism and deft keyboard work of Savatage.  What vocals are on the album are song in English by guest vocalist Marcin Wlalczak and he sings accent free (a real bonus if you ask me).  Add in some flute work that will remind you of Persona Grata and you’ve got one hell of an album.  BUY OR DIE!!